zaterdag 13 april 2013

Rent - Pet Shop Boys

From the already impressive back catalogue of the Pet Shop Boys, I bought this CD single a year after its release for a discounted price - and so this became the first Pet Shop Boys CD single I ever bought. 'Rent' was released as the third single off the boys' album 'Actually', featuring the brilliant B-side 'I want a dog' that would reappear in different versions later on in their career, plus two versions of the title track.

It's one of those rare CD singles with a cloth inner sleeve, a gimmick that was only used during the first year the CD single existed - and even then only in the ones that were housed in a cardboard sleeve, like this one.
  1. Rent (Extended mix)
  2. Rent (Dub)
  3. I want a dog
Parlophone CDR 6168
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